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  About the CWHA...

Welcome to the  web site of the Camarillo White Horse Association.  The Association is almost 20 years old now and the purpose is to record and maintain the lineage of the historic breed of famous Camarillo White Horses.  Founded by the white stallion, Sultan, purchased by Adolfo Camarillo in 1921, these horses can trace their ancestry back close to 90 years now.


The Association also has an informative booklet available for anyone interested in these horses.  Please click here for more information.


Camarillo White Horse Association booklet cover 

The tally is in! Out of 10 foals born, 7 are white.  4 fillies and three colts.  A very successful year!

This high has been punctuated with a very sad low.  On July19th, long time caretaker of the white horses and outstanding horseman, Meliton Ortiz, passed away with his family at his side.  He was 91 years young.  "Mellie", as he was called, spent most of his life involved with the Camarillo White Horses.  First working for Adolfo Camarillo on his ranch and becoming the ranch foreman, then later continuing on in that position under Adolfo's daughter, Carmen Camarillo Jones, until her death in 1987.  Her will specified the horses be dispersed at auction so an era came to an end.  That did not stop Mellie's involvement with the horses, however, as the new owners continued to seek his advice regarding the care and breeding of the horses.  Mellie will be sorely missed and all the members of the CWHA extend our condolences and best wishes to his family in this difficult time. 

We would like to give special thanks to Humphrey, Giacopuzzi Veterinary Hospital for providing such wonderful care of the Camarillo White Horses all these years, especially most recently for collecting and preserving our stallions to guarantee the longevity of the breed and for all their work and assistance in our breeding program.  They have been providing care for the Camarillo White Horses since the days when they were on the Camarillo Ranch.

 Last updated 7/25/10


About the CWHA



The Camarillo White Horse Association was founded in 1992 with the sole purpose to preserve and maintain the historic bloodlines of the original foundation Camarillo White Horse, the white stallion Sultan.  The Association was formed when it became apparent that the historic breed of horse so carefully bred and developed by Adolfo Camarillo and subsequently carried on by Adolfo's daughter, Carmen Camarillo Jones, was in danger of extinction.  As these horses are almost exclusively found in Ventura County, CA, it was imperative to bring the owners together to encourage the continuation of these horses that were for so long exclusively owned by the Camarillo family.  Since the founding of the Association, there have been several white foals produced to carry on the lineage.  Seven foals were born in 2008 -- four white colts, one grey colt, one bay filly and one chestnut filly.  This year, 2010, brings a very large crop of foals and several white foals so far -- three colts and four fillies, with two solid colts -- one bay and one chestnut.  There are still two more mares yet to give birth, so the total of white foals for this year may be higher still.  Stay tuned!


The Association encourages its members to breed their white horses to strengthen the traits of the Camarillo White Horses while maintaining the image of the original stallion Sultan, and to also develop and preserve a horse suitable for not only general riding, driving, etc. but which will step proudly down a parade route.  The Associationís motto is, "Breed for conformation and pray for a white foal."


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