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  Colts and Fillies...

Welcome to the  web site of the Camarillo White Horse Association.  The Association is almost 20 years old now and the purpose is to record and maintain the lineage of the historic breed of famous Camarillo White Horses.  Founded by the white stallion, Sultan, purchased by Adolfo Camarillo in 1921, these horses can trace their ancestry back close to 90 years now.


The Association also has an informative booklet available for anyone interested in these horses.  Please click here for more information.


Camarillo White Horse Association booklet cover 

The tally is in! Out of 10 foals born, 7 are white.  4 fillies and three colts.  A very successful year!

This high has been punctuated with a very sad low.  On July19th, long time caretaker of the white horses and outstanding horseman, Meliton Ortiz, passed away with his family at his side.  He was 91 years young.  "Mellie", as he was called, spent most of his life involved with the Camarillo White Horses.  First working for Adolfo Camarillo on his ranch and becoming the ranch foreman, then later continuing on in that position under Adolfo's daughter, Carmen Camarillo Jones, until her death in 1987.  Her will specified the horses be dispersed at auction so an era came to an end.  That did not stop Mellie's involvement with the horses, however, as the new owners continued to seek his advice regarding the care and breeding of the horses.  Mellie will be sorely missed and all the members of the CWHA extend our condolences and best wishes to his family in this difficult time. 

We would like to give special thanks to Humphrey, Giacopuzzi Veterinary Hospital for providing such wonderful care of the Camarillo White Horses all these years, especially most recently for collecting and preserving our stallions to guarantee the longevity of the breed and for all their work and assistance in our breeding program.  They have been providing care for the Camarillo White Horses since the days when they were on the Camarillo Ranch.

 Last updated 7/25/10


Colts and Fillies



 Here is a list of offspring of the Camarillo White Horses produced since the inception of the Association.  As may be seen, not all of them are white.  The approximate odds of producing a white foal are about one in three tries.  In the past, some mares have produced a white foal each time they were bred, while other mares never produced a white foal. 





    Samaria - white filly

    Descanso - white colt

    Unnamed - bay colt

    Adolfo - white colt

    Unnamed - white colt

    Azula - white filly

    Castano - chestnut colt

    Isabella - white filly







    Paisano - grey colt

    El Rey - white colt

    Emperial - chestnut filly

    Xamarillo - white colt

    Cirino - white colt

    Gavilan - white colt

    Princessa - bay filly




    Reina - white filly

    La Gaviota - bay filly




    Legado - grey colt

    Rosa - chestnut filly

    Meliton I - white colt

    Feliz - chestnut filly

    Estrellita - palomino filly

    El Patron - white colt




    Mariposa - chestnut filly

    Sultana - chestnut overo filly




    Carmelita - white filly




    Carmen Katrina - chestnut filly

    Sonny - chestnut colt




    Peaches - grey filly   

    Panchito - white colt

    Paloma-2 - white filly

    El Rojo Blanco - grey colt

    El Monte - black colt




    Chocolate - chestnut colt




    El Coete - chestnut colt




    La Diamanta de Camarillo - white filly

    El Brilliante - white colt




    Cortez - palomino colt

    Poema - white filly






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